I thought the first month was going to be the hardest because it was something so different and new, but as it turns out, maintaining a relationship is hard work and it doesn’t stop after 30 days.


I have never said, “I love you” to someone that wasn’t a family member, friend, or Red Lobster employee. It’s not that I was afraid to; it’s just that I never really felt that way for someone.

November was an extremely busy month. During it, my boyfriend and I celebrated my birthday, Thanksgiving, and our 11th month anniversary. We also took our first real vacation, traveling down to Florida to attend my best friend’s wedding and also making our way to Disney World and Universal Studios.

We had this trip planned since July, and I cannot believe how fast it snuck up on us. I have to admit that I was a little nervous about this vacation. Sure, we’ve gone away together for a weekend (Atlantic City, Long Island, and the thrilling town of Poughkeepsie) but nothing as serious as going through airport security, taking a plane, and fighting about which ride to go on next at Magic Kingdom.

Needless to say, this trip was a big deal.

He and I have never spent that much consecutive time together – a whopping five days. Now, I know it seems a little weird that we have been dating for almost a year and have not spent a lot of successive time together, but with the location of our apartments and our busy schedules (…his busy schedule), spending a weekend together is a treat – let alone 5 days.  

And ya know what? Aside from being dragged on a roller coaster, it was amazing! We left that trip with so many memories, stories, and inside jokes. It was exactly what the two of us needed.  

Another great thing that I noticed on this trip was how comfortable he was with all of my friends – even ones he had never met before. I got worried when I went to the bar or to use the bathroom that he would be sitting at the table, alone on his phone. But the both times that I left him, I came back to see him waiting in line with my friends to get wedding cake or dancing with the bride to the Cha-Cha Slide. Watching him “cha cha real smooth” with my best friend warmed my heart. 

But, aside from the celebrations and the vacation, this month really had me thinking about how appreciative I am. Now, I know I’m bordering a cliché by saying that Thanksgiving made me feel thankful, but it’s true (and I am seriously running out of ideas on here…)

Besides a fantastic family and amazing friends, I am so extremely thankful for my boyfriend. Thankful for his insight into my mundane problems. Thankful for his thoughtfulness and compassion. Thankful for his laughter when I say the same joke over and over about mac and cheese. 

It’s almost a year, and somehow I can’t even believe it. I sit here, thinking of how lucky I am to have found someone who gets me (and feeds me). How happy I am that we have made it this far and still miss each other when we are apart. And how thankful I am to have such an amazing person in my life, constantly making me a better person.

In case I don't say it enough, thank you. For everything. 

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